Quarter Century Adventure.

As I meander on into my 25th year I thought I’d make myself some, lets call them life bullet points. Top of this list is to travel more, whether it’s a short weekend to the Peaks or a more elaborate adventure overseas I’m not fussed. The main aim is to drag back that work life balance that we all strive for and to make the most of my First true love, The Great Outdoors.

Lucky or unlucky for you lot I’ve also decided to start and document it too! I’ll let you decide which, when you get to the bottom of the page.

I’m starting with the first mini adventure of the year, a short wintery weekend in what can only be described as my favourite place to visit so far in the UK, The Peak District, I mean what hasn’t this place got to offer? Anyway back to the point.  After a late-ish afternoon arrival at the campsite we, when I say we I refer to the other half and adventure buddy Lilli and I, decided to set up the essentials for what was to be a fairly chilly night in the not yet used car tent.

After popping the lid up and setting up the ladder, I chucked the sleeping bags and change of clothes up, shortly followed with the phrase “is it pub time yet”. Great planning goes into the selection of the campsite to make sure there is at least one pub within walking distance, a couple of pints and some pub grub is a must. Fieldhead Campsite in Edale was the choice for the trip; choice isn’t a word I would use for winter camping as all year round sites are hard to come by, so finding one this good is like striking gold. With the tree sheltered, flat car park reasonable price and sparkling clean facilities Fieldhead, shot to the top of the list for campsites I’d happily visit again.

Arriving back to the rain soaked campsite I climbed up into the car tent for the first time with the intent on sleeping the night, but soon spotted an issue of water getting in. I had over looked that if the ladder had been attached to the wrong side of the tent, water would be able to seep in.  A quick shuffle of the ladder to the passenger side soon sorted the issue. Zips down, lights out, its time for some sleep.

For January the weather during the night wasn’t so bad, a bit more rain and some pretty heavy gusts of wind was all that we really had to deal with.  Morning came and what a morning it was, with blue skies, a frosty start and awesome sunrise it was time for some breakfast cooked on the Biolite Camp Stove and a coffee. Bacon eaten, coffee downed and the bags packed we headed off for the summit of Kinder Scout. To add excitement to the day this would be the first ever summit that Lilli has made, EVER!

Biolite Bacon Butty

GPS on the Suunto located, my favourite route loaded and we were off. The last few weeks of wet weather and flooding made the scramble up Grindsbrook Clough a smidge more technical as many crossing were needed to reach the top. With wet boots and smiles we made it to the top where it levels out and we pick up the path again.

Being the renegade that I like to think I am, I usually stray off course in search for ‘that’ killer Instagram shot that’s going to make your account to hot to handle for a little bit. However sometimes straying off the path has before ended in me dropping nearly knackers deep into what I thought was solid ground but turned out being deep, cold mud. But oh well, so I’m told fortune favours the brave!

Carrying on down the trail, thinking to myself that for early January we really couldn’t have been gifted a better day for the climb, perfect visibility and bright winter sun seemed to follow us the whole day, reaching the summit at around midday we stopped for that essential summit selfie, drop of coffee and a sarnie. Short on time with early sundown’s and drive back home, we set off again coming down Jacobs Ladder, one stumble and a bum slide later we arrived at the bottom. I’d like to add that both of these were indeed Lilli and not me, This time, ha-ha. (No girlfriends were hurt in the telling of this story).

Strolling back towards the car, chatting about the hike; we made the pact – The first of many, and here the 25th year begins…

Cheers Guys.

P.S. The kit doesn’t unpack itself, That’s my job apparently 😉


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