Adventure Mobile

For a couple of years now I’ve been after a campervan. The whole idea of jumping in, being adventure ready and not having to pitch up a tent when you arrive excites me. I searched long and hard for a campervan that would suit my needs; Reliable, cheap to run and wouldn’t break the bank. But anyone that knows a thing or two about Campers will tell you that just isn’t happening. I soon found out that you really did get what you pay for, and if I wanted a cheap campervan I’d end up spending more time with it sat on the driveway than at any campsites.

Not totally giving up on the idea of having my own rolling home I started looking at other possibilities that would give the same end goal. I short-listed a teardrop caravan and a roof tent for my car. My decision was made relatively easy when I realised I would have to tow a caravan, albeit a small one id still be responsible for a bendy extension to the back of my car (Danger). Decision made I started the search for a roof tent, not so keen on the old-fashioned canvas and pole set ups I’d seen while watching Wild Africa, or something similar while frantically searching for anything other than, Two Broke Girls or Big Bang Theory that somehow ALWAYS seem to infect the TV.  Oh no, I was after one of these pop up and sleep jobbies that when folded they don’t look to dissimilar to a roof box.

My search ended when I came across Adventure Hire LTD, they had a winter sale that made the price tag affordable and offered to get it to me the very next day, a massive selling point when you’re as impatient as I am. The arrival, and when they said it would arrive on a pallet they really wasn’t joking, I looked at the box, perched at an angle on the pallet and thought to myself, “and that’s got to rest on the roof of my car…” Its big, 210cm long and 125cm wide, plenty big enough for both Lilli and me to kip in. A few grazed knuckles later and I’d got it secured; panic over, it really did look the mutt’s nuts. With one addition I have just turned my ordinary car into the adventure mobile I’d been hankering over for the past 2 years for a one off fee and no amendments to my insurance and a fraction less MPG. WINNING!!

So far this year we have spent only one night in the beast, but I can already tell its going to be worth the initial outlay, I mean £1200 sounds on the expensive side but when you are snatching all the adventure time possible on dark wintery weekends, being able to pitch up in the dark in no more than a few seconds, really is worth its weight in gold! Four clips, four straps a little push either side and the gas struts do the rest.

To wrap it up, the one night we have stayed in the adventure mobile so far has got us wanting more, the ease of set up and comfort that the tent offered, is far superior to any ground tent I’ve ever slept in. It kept out the cold, windy and rainy January night with ease, and never had me worried once. I’ll keep you posted on how it develops.

Pitch up, Pop up and Enjoy!
Adventure Mobile 2

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