Watch This Space

Not so long ago, I was in the market for a new watch. My trusty Casio G-Shock had finally given in to the years of abuse I’d subjected it to. I write this post with tears in my eyes for the old girl. RIP Gloria, it was a blast ;).

Needing to buy a watch just as Apple are spending millions trying to convince me how I need a watch I can talk to, touch and even feel a heart beat from; made the whole process slightly more difficult than I would have usually liked. I mean come on, with a watch like that who the hell needs humans. Ha!

Anyway, game face on. Apple was not only offering a watch with Phone connectivity, music storage, activity tracking but also a topic of conversation. With one of these little boxes of glass and wire, you can have yourself a status piece that’s going to scream ‘style’ every time you answer the phone while talking to your watch. Or so they say…

When the blinkers finally burst off and I realised I was becoming that sheep, the sheep that would have been able to pay for his morning coffee, with nothing more than a swipe of the hoof; when I took a step back and asked – is this watch really what I need?

The short answer to that question is, No. I needed another watch just like Gloria, only with a few more dresses in the wardrobe. I’m talking a feature rich outdoor watch to become my adventure buddy. So I looked far and wide, and the possibilities seemed to be endless. Garmin, Polar and TomTom are but a few of the options out there when it comes to buying a Multi sport watch. However it’s the guys at Suunto that caught my eye, with the Suunto Ambit3 Peak in particular. And it’s the one that I finally ended up buying, what a cracker. It really does offer everything that I need from a watch and more, much more!

To name all of its features might make even the biggest watch geek drop off to sleep, However the features that particularly stuck out for me are; long battery life, Multisport function and Movescount. When you’re used to a watch battery lasting in the region of 2 years, charging the watch multiple time per year really did come as a shock to the system. The battery on the Peak gives you a good 30 days from a charge if you only use it in time mode, but I find that when I am hammering the GPS I have to charge the unit about every 2 weeks. I don’t only use the watch when I’m exploring, and to keep on treading these new paths I need to keep in shape, so the watch comes in handy when I’m out running, hitting the gym or pretending that I’m a great swimmer. After set up you get the option to add your favourite or most used sports to the quick menu, or multisport function; this makes switching the sport you’re attempting painless and stress free!

I have to say that the best part of this watch might not even be a function housed on the watch, Movescount is the soft wear that comes with the watch, and it enables you to do so, so much. From analyzing your last run to planning your route to the next summit you have in your sights; it’s got it all. I love to add a route to the watches memory for when I go to a new place as a little back up, and if everything doesn’t go to plan, Load it up, find your GPS and follow the arrow like you would a SatNav. Genius.

I would have to say I ended up with the Suunto purely because after some research I found it fitted my Lifestyle much better than the Apple Watch did, and the Ambit3 Peak blew all of its competitors out of the water. If you’re keen on the outdoors and fancy yourself as an adventurer like I do, go out and grab yourself the Ambit3 Peak, I can guarantee you’ll not be disappointed.

For now the Ambit3 Peak is the first item on my checklist, and it’ll be the only watch I own until I stumble across that elusive money tree on my travels, then hey, who knows, I might even grab an Apple Watch too.



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