Elveden Forest

Everyone will talk about their bucket list, I don’t know anyone that hasn’t got one; mine is pretty long and filled with all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff I’d like to do, and for some reason Centre Parcs has been on this list for some time now. So when Lilli tabled the idea, I agreed, and off we went.

I’m sure she will agree when I say, Lilli loves a good long hike, meals cooked over an open fire and unzipping the tent to find the grass white over with the morning frost. But it’s a fact that every girl needs, and deserves a bit of luxury once in a while; so with this little Centre Parcs adventure I should get the all clear to keep on adventuring into the new year. I’ve got to say, arriving at the cabin I was instantly surprised with the setting of the place, literally right in the middle of the forest. To be honest I was expecting the accommodation to be centralised with all the activity centers, but no completely the opposite, I mean, change the cabin for my tent, string up the hammock and it really could have been perfect, Ha. When I say luxury, our room had an en suite!! Even I have to admit that certainly trumps the cold walk over to the toilet block, the only cold walk we really had to take part in was the three steps over the patio to our very own sauna. Fancy.

So I’d like to think you guys know by now that I’m pretty wild, a massive fan of the great outdoors and love nothing more than being exposed to the elements. But on the other hand I don’t agree that an adventure always has to be all about climbing a mountain or wild camping, an adventure to me is going somewhere that you haven’t been before and trying something new, and I definitely did that here.

We spent a massive amount of time exploring the forest, whether it was on foot, mountain bike or flying across the lake attached to a zip wire, Ill throw it out there and say I think we saw the majority of what the area had to offer. The highlight for me, was rock climbing. I loved it, the buzz it gave when you were hauling ass getting yourself to the top of the wall then abseiling down was awesome, its left me with a massive desire to have a crack at some proper climbing sometime soon. Another fad and potential hobby to add to the list, She’s going to love that! 😉

As you will be able to tell from my Instagram feed, I love photography; usually the type of picture I photograph a lot is landscapes. While I’ve been away this week it’s been impossible not to try and photo some of the wildlife that the forest hosted. However I’m pretty rusty when it comes to catching something moving so most of the shots I got were of a deer’s rear end, or a branch of a tree that I swear a second ago had a bird perched on it. Maybe that’s why I prefer landscapes, haha. Ill add another post soon with more details of the wildlife I captured, so keep your eyes peeled.

See what I mean?

Lots of walking, biking and some new activities thrown in made Elveden Forest Centre Parcs a pretty cool week, we both got our outdoor fix and Lilli got her fix of the finer things in life, I mean a personal sauna what more does a girl want, fingers crossed that when we head off again in the Adventure Mobile that she doesn’t expect a sauna again, I’m just not sure that having the heating on hot, with the blowers on four is going to cut it… Damn you luxury items!!

If I were to sum up Centre Parcs up in one sentence, it would be, “If your wild like me, expect to feel like a caged animal.”

Bucket List – TICK!


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