The Forests Alive

I’m not going to lie, Centre Parcs, for me; wasn’t all that its cracked up to be. But what it did offer was a pretty good opportunity to try my hand at some wildlife photography. Usually the majority of the pictures that I take are of landscapes that I come across on my adventures, so it was a nice change to give it a shot.
I wanted to keep it short and sweet and give you a list of what I managed to get pictures of, below is the best shot that I got in my view finder for each of the animals I saw while out and about.
Muntjac Deer – Weirdly, these can be known as the barking Deer, due to the Males mating call, whenever I came across one, I found them really timid and unlikely to ever bark, Woof!!
Robin – Well known for the vivid, orangey red chest, this little pocket rockets managed to get the widely used nick name – Robin Redbreast.
Bluetit – What a beautiful bird, no wonder they are known as one of the most attractive birds to enter your garden. They are undeniably beautiful, but damn, try get them to sit still for a photo.
Squirrel – Most would class the Grey Squirrel as vermin, but what ever you call them, you have to agree that the Squirrel is full of character. I had one join me while I was having my morning coffee, sat there looking at me waiting for a treat of some kind.
Peacock – I only saw one of these the whole week. Just meandering through the forest without a care in the world.
Jay – Great markings on this bird, not one that I had seen much before my visit here, I’m going to put the poor picture quality down to one thing. The Jay’s just a shy bird 😉 nothing to do with my reactions, Haha.
So what do you guys think? This was my first real attempt at shooting wildlife, pretty frustrating at times but also very rewarding. I’ll however be sticking mainly to the landscapes I find, they don’t move… If you would like to see more of my photo’s, follow me on Instagram –

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