The Walkers Way

Any walker will tell you this, and I just wanted to share how I feel when I’m out and about on the hill. I very rarely come across anyone that’s not friendly, I’d like to throw it out there and say “us walkers are a friendly bunch”. Come rain or shine, I’ll walk past someone on the hill and they’re bound to shout out a “hello”, Hell even to a Beardy Weirdo like me! Scratching your head, struggling to make sense of the map, ask the next person you see, I’ll guarantee that they’ll help if they can.


In my short years of adventure, I’ve helped people when they were lost, Shared my drink with a guy that had forgot to pack one and helped people that have fallen, yeah alright the latter is mainly Lilli but it still counts, she really does spend most of her time on the floor in most descents. 🙂

Very rarely, do I go out and have a day where at least someone says hey or at least acknowledge you, whether it’s a wave, a smile or a rest break and a chat. What I’m trying to say here is this; us hikers are a friendly bunch of people, we are all out here to enjoy the trail, so lets keep the good name we have here, and do me a favor, old or new to it; if you stuck ask someone, because in my experience, everyone has been happy to help in anyway I’ve needed.

Let me know of any good or bad experiences you have had while out and about, and if anyone sees me about, lets start a high five, I’m up for it if you are, Pretty sure its going to take off 😉


Happy Hiking.




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