Hope Valley Great Ridge

Alright guys, I wanted to let you all know how romantic I am 😉 February 14th and I’m dragging Lilli to the Peaks for a nice 15km wander, she loves it really.


We headed out from Hope setting out to get straight up Lose Hill, it’s a pretty steep climb, and one that Lilli wasn’t that keen on about half way up. We kept on going, looking back occasionally to see where we had come from, with this being Lillis first time up Lose Hill I kept saying ‘I promise the climbs worth it’


When we finally got to the top of Lose Hill we stood for a short time just admiring the area around us, I really do just love the Peaks!! And we’re off, from here we head off down the ridge, passing walker after walker; it really was a super day for it. The sun was shining even though there was, in places a light covering of snow, does it get any more perfect that this, just a light weight fleece in early Feb…


We kept a steady pace throughout the whole walk, we only really took a break when I was messing around with the camera, trying to get some good shots with some new merchandise that BLACKLEAF have sent me since I managed to become one of their Brand Ambassadors. I bang on about this heaps more on my INSTAGRAM, so feel free to drop me a follow to see more 🙂


We had planned to make it to Mamtor for around lunch, but it seemed that every man and his dog had the same idea, we managed to grab a spot tucked out from the wind, looking out over to Kinder Scout. Out came the coffee and my lactofree cheese sarnie, I mean what more can a newbie veggie that’s allergic to lactose want? Ha. We didn’t buy each other gifts this year, but what we did give was our time, time to spend together doing something that we both love, and that’s to explore what our surroundings have to offer. I could be called tight, and often am; but I know that my time has a greater value, than any gift or money spent!!


After lunch was demolished and I took to the top to fly my Blackleaf flag we headed off down back towards the valley, I had planned in the route to take us round the back of Castleton and the Blue John caves to come through Cave Dale, I’ve never come through here before and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. If you haven’t been through here before I really would recommend it, it was a fantastic little section to add to the walk instead of just coming back on ourselves and heading back directly to the car, we came down the slippery rocks, nipping round the sightseers, trying not to get even a speck of mud on their sparkling new sneakers, we both managed to stay on our feet for once, I say we, it’s the royal ‘we’ here, Lilli managed to stay on her feet for once I should say 😉


After leaving Cave Dale and nipping through Castleton we were back towards Hope and where we have parked the car. What an awesome day, Lillis first time on the Great ridge and a Valentines to remember, once in a while break the mould that society creates for us, and you’ll not go far wrong.


Want to know the best part of the day? Untying my boots and remembering we had packed a couple of rice crispy cakes that we had made the night before! RESULT.


Get outside guys… You wont regret it.


Cheers, Beard.

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