Hoka One One

You’ll notice that the majority of my posts are related to, roaming round the countryside and up and down peaks, but in order for me to carry on doing this I need to keep fit… I run, I bike, I scoot, and I hit the gym; but the end goal of this is to make my adventures amazing!


I’ve found treasure in my recent purchases. Since a pretty bad football injury preseason this year, I tore up the ligaments pretty bad in my ankle, I’ve struggled, but now, 7 months down the line, I’m back running. I used to use some Saucony runners and also dabbled in some barefoot trainers and sandals for the most of my running, even on the occasion running barefoot down the beach; problem is ever since ruining my ankle, I found getting back to running a hard and painful task.


Shortly before I bought into the Hoka One One brand I was running maybe 3-4KM in an ankle and knee brace, having to stop running because me knee and ankle pain was unbearable. I started doing some research into other brands that claim to help runners experiencing pain, come on who hasn’t seen a product that claims to help you get back to something that you love, and bought into it, regardless of the sensible you telling you it’s a load of bull. Well I went for it, I decided to buy a pair of Tor Speed Mid WP Trail runners, I take a UK10 in most shoes, so went ahead and stuck with it. They were perfect, they really did fit like a Glove, and although to look at them, you would think…’Wow they look heavy and how can you run in those’ its like you don’t even have shoes on, and that’s coming from someone that’s ran, literally with no shoes on.


After using the Tor Speed for around 15km’s I noticed that I was starting to double my distance, but getting no pain; I was still using the supports on both my ankle and knee though. I took the risk and went out on the trails without my supports, but kept them in my running pack just in case I started to feel the burn coming with the fear of further setting back the come back from injury, for the first time in 7 months I ran 7km with no pain, and no support, this really might not sound like any distance in the worth of running, but to run again pain free is an amazing feeling.



So what’s the next thing you do when you find a trainer that works for you? Buy another pair, I split my running up from the trails to roads, so not wanting to wear out the trail runners on the tarmac, I needed to get myself set up for the road. I have only so far put 15km’s on my new Clifton 2 that’s a tester 2km jog the day they arrived and then a further 3km the night after, that night I noticed that this shoe were quick… Last week I got dragged 10k round a local golf course after dark, I usually ran Solo, but running with someone pushed me back up to the10k mark again, something that for what felt like a life time was not even in my thoughts. Yeah it was pretty slow, but no matter how slow it was, I realised that the distance was again manageable.


Sunday, Runday arrived, and I challenged myself to a 10k road run, I get out just after 10:30am leaving the door saying ill be back in an hour, my usual 10K time was anywhere around 55-57 minutes, and as a plodder I would always say a sub 60 minute 10k was fine with me. However on Sunday, I went off like a rocket, I was gliding round my route better than ever before, I kept checking my SUUNTO for my on time KM average, and I was smashing it, I ended up coming in with a 49 minute 10K, my fastest ever, let alone after my injury, Yeah what injury.



From here I’d like to think that I was on my way back to recovery, with lots of plans for some events in the future, and I for one think that I owe some of this to finding Hoka One One’s, yeah they really are that good.




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