The Awesome JetBoil.

Okay, so I’m a sucker for some new kit to take with me on my travels, a couple of weeks ago I picked up myself a JetBoil. To cut a long story short, it boils water…. FAST.

            I wanted something that was small, light, easy to use and  to keep clean; for when I was out and about. Whether that be out on the hill, car camping or random nights out and about. After looking through some of the products similar I make the leap into the real deal, I’ve done it way to many times where I have wanted a product, but gone ahead and bought a cheaper alternative, only to find that its cheaper for a reason. Now wherever possible I’ll try and get the product that I really want, instead of buying cheap, to buy twice.
As you do, I tried it out one morning boiling up my coffee in the garden before I headed out for a run, I was so surprised at the speed this thing boils water, I wasn’t timing, but I would say I had a cup of coffee ready in about a minute, I thought that this would just stay back in the car when I went out walking on the hills, but as its smaller and lighter than my flask, its replaced it completely. Who doesn’t want a fresh coffee, sat looking out over where ever you have decided to rest your legs.
I’m yet to cook with this little beauty, but I feel like its going to be perfect for my little outings for the night when I can manage with heated up meals that only need water. Sounds easy right? Try getting a water only meal for a lactose intolerant veggie 😉 all fun and games here!!
Not really a review as I haven’t really used the item that much, but I just wanted to let you guys know, what an awesome bit of kit these are just before spring arrives.
Anyone else got one? What do you think? Test me with your recipes that you think I’ll be able to eat 🙂
Thanks guys!

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