When cooking inside, just doesn’t cut it. 

It’s Saturday, it’s been ages since I posted; And this morning I woke up to a miserable day. The weather wasn’t all that. I walked the dogs in the rain, and when I got home again, the rain had slowed. YES!! You might be thinking. Come on man, get to the point, and I will. It’s a good one, promise. 🙏
It’s breakfast time, and today I really didn’t want to just turn on the oven, crack a couple of eggs, sit at the table like a ‘normal’ person. Yeah I’m not normal, and that excites me – I got the Biolite out – a cooking stove that only required wood, any wood; even sticks I find on the floor. My scrambled eggs with spaghetti and veggies was cooked in no time, open flames is hands down my favourite way to cook!!

Brekkie devoured, I sit here now writing this, but it’s a slow old process because I can’t help but stare into the flames. These flames are special; because this little bit of kit, not only provides heat, entertainment and food, but it’s charging my phone right now as I type. Smart eh?!

Anyway, back to the point – I was unmotivated and uninspired to write for these past few weeks, and all it took was to get back to what I love. That’s being different, being outside and generally getting back to nature. I suppose what I’m trying to say is, always be yourself no matter what people think, what matters is you.

Time for a brew!!

Thanks Biolite. Thank you Nature.

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